What is Occupational Medicine?

In brief, occupational medicine is concerned with the interaction between a person's health and their work.  [click the above link for more detail].

The Australian & New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (NZ) Incorporated (ANZSOM) is a professional organisation providing a discussion forum and representation for registered medical practitioners and others who are actively involved in, or who are interested in, Occupational Medicine. Members of ANZSOM include -  Medical Specialists; General Practitioners; and Salaried Doctors in employment-related public health practice (ie. ACC & Department of Labour).

We also now accept Associate Members - see "How to Join ANZSOM" on the left.

For any occupational or environmental medicine inquiries...

 ...ANZSOM can help you find an appropriate occupational medicine advisor. Go to the "Find a Consultant" tab on the left.


[Last updated: 2 Aug 2016 - Peter Dodwell, Webmaster]

Full details for ANZSOM(NZ) 2016 conference - see page on NZ Conferences...

the ANZSOM Australia 2016 conference -

10 great reasons why you should attend this year's ANZSOM Annual Scientific Meeting 
in Newcastle 

The ANZSOM ASM 2016 offers a great hands-on educational experience for occupational health doctors and nurses. Here are 10 reasons why you should get involved. We look forward to seeing you in Newcastle!

1. Update your CPR
2. Get your spirometry technique right
3. Be more effective in supporting smoking cessation
4. Get the latest on health surveillance
5. Play your part in improving mental health in the workplace
6. See it first hand at the popular site visits
7. Connect with your colleagues
8. Take time out to enjoy the beauty of Newcastle
9. Help shape ANZSOM
10. Support your colleagues

Register NOW for the ANZSOM 2016 ASM -- click here to register

 For all enquiries please email ANZSOM at secretariat@anzsom.org.au

Cathie Vickers-Willis

Events and Support

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The Future of the "Find a Consultant" page vs
a HASANZ Register of OH&S Professionals

Read about it and have your say - see the tab about the Health & Safety Association of NZ, and then go to the ANZSOM Members' Forum.




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