What is Occupational Medicine?

In brief, occupational medicine is concerned with the interaction between a person's health and their work.  [click the above link for more detail].

The Australian & New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (NZ) Incorporated (ANZSOM) is a professional organisation providing a discussion forum and representation for registered medical practitioners and others who are actively involved in, or who are interested in, Occupational Medicine. Members of ANZSOM include -  Medical Specialists; General Practitioners; and Salaried Doctors in employment-related public health practice (ie. ACC & Department of Labour).

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For any occupational or environmental medicine inquiries...

 ...ANZSOM can help you find an appropriate occupational medicine advisor. Go to the "Find a Consultant" tab on the left.


Some Presentations from the ANZSOM (NZ) 2016 conference - see page on NZ Conferences (to the left...)

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The Future of the "Find a Consultant" page vs
a HASANZ Register of OH&S Professionals

Read about it and have your say - see the tab about the Health & Safety Association of NZ, and then go to the ANZSOM Members' Forum.




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