• This will be the first face-to-face Conference since 2019.
  • Plan to come to Dunedin.

Speakers include:-

Prof Joanne Crawford                           
Worksafe New Zealand Chair in Health and Safety School of Health, Victoria University
Musculoskeletal Disorders - Why we still have a problem, and what we can do about it?
Dr Helen Harcombe  U Otago Injury Prevention Unit
Co-Principal Investigator of the Subsequent Injury Study (SInS), funded by the Health Research Council of NZ
Results from the Subsequent injury Study (SinS)

Dr Brendan Arnold - Infectious Disease physician
Dunedin Hospital
UV-C Light disinfection - COVID beware!
Workplace UV-C exposure

Prof Yoram Barak   U Otago
A/Professor of Psychiatry and Consultant Psychogeriatrician
A consultant for the National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Israel, he is also a special consultant on positive psychology for the Israel Defense Forces. 
Ageing Successfully as a Physician

Dr Rebecca Lilley    U Otago 
Involved in a number of Health Research Council and MBIE projects. Has also held a training fellowship in work disability prevention from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
Work-related fatalities
Establishing a Health Survey in Truck Drivers
Dr Paula O'Kane   U Otago 
teaching and researching for over 10 years in both the UK and New Zealand. She is primarily interested in how technology impacts how we work.
The Future of work
Andrea McMillan  U Otago
COVID in NZ - lessons learnt
Dr David Beaumont          Occupational Physician 
Well-being & ‘It pays to care’
A/Prof David McBride U Otago 
New initiative for NZ veteran's Mental Health
A/Prof Moazzam Zaidi    U Otago 
Total Worker Health - a model for NZ?

Work Site Visits

Friday 14 October

Available sites will be:-

Scott Technology – Industrial Robotics and Occupational Health & Safety

Animal Research – University of Otago

New School of Dentistry

McKinlay Shoe Manufacture

            Bridgman St Panel Beaters

Some are within walking distance of the Conference venue. Transport provided to others.

Times and more details soon.