These pages show doctors and other practitioners in New Zealand who have an interest in, or specialize in the practice of Occupational Medicine.

Practitioners wanting to modify or add a listing should provide details to

Details in the listings below are provided by the practitioner. ANZSOM has simplified your search by adopting a colour code.

  • Those that the committee has confirmed to hold a specialist qualification in Occupational Medicine are listed in red, with their qualification shown (which may be Australasian [RACP]; English [RCP]; or Irish [RCPI] in origin).
  • For those confirmed as holding relevant Occupational Medicine Diplomas or who are Registrars (undergoing specialist training), there is blue highlighting.
  • Other practitioners such as Occupational Physiotherapists are shown in Green.
  • Those listed in black have an interest in the field of occupational medicine. This is a level sometimes termed GPSI (GP with a Special Interest). The committee did confirm, when they first joined ANZSOM, that they held a basic medical degree (MB ChB or equivalent). It is over to you to check with the Medical Council on their current standing. These doctors may also by now qualify to belong in the red or blue group, but have simply not yet applied for a higher listing. You may need to ask the doctor about qualifications held.

For more information about these different levels of expertise, see “What is Occupational Medicine?

Qualifications - Medical Council

You can look up a doctor’s qualifications on the Medical Council of New Zealand website (“Find a Registered Doctor” page, which was upgraded in 2012 to provide such details in full). This may also help you to obtain an impression about each doctor’s length of experience in the field.

However, the Medical Council no longer record details of Diplomas, so newer qalifications may not be listed. If in doubt, look at the doctor’s website, or email for information.

Meanwhile, ANZSOM is working to ensure its own listings will soon all be valid and up-to-date. Our information sheet “What is Occupational Medicine?” (geared to the New Zealand scene) is about the type of doctors working in this area.

You may also find useful this sheet produced by the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine: Engaging an Occupational Physician. Bear in mind it refers to quality controls applying in the UK.