Full, or Ordinary Members of ANZSOM include :-
Medical Specialists; General Practitioners; and Salaried Doctors in employment-related public health practice (ie. ACC & Department of Labour).

Associate Members include :-
Medical students as well as allied health professionals, lawyers, judges, and advocates.
Please note Associate Members cannot hold executive committee roles, and do not have voting rights, but enjoy all other benefits of membership.

Membership of ANZSOM provides access to members only web pages, current information on topical matters in the New Zealand and Australia occupational medicine field and many other benefits.

ANZSOM can help you find an appropriate Occupational Medicine advisor. Just go to the “Find an Occ Med Practitioner” page.

Joining ANZSOM:

Membership and Nominations

If you would like to become a Member, either Ordinary (Doctor) or Associate (Non-Doctor), you will need to be nominated. Have your nominator fill out the application form below and send it through to our Secretary,

The Nomination forms can be filled-in online, using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Firefox should be compatible, provided you first go into Firefox’s Options – Applications, and choose for Adobe Acrobat Forms to “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)”.

The form should be saved as a PDF and then sent to our Secretary, See the form for further instructions.


Once your Nomination is approved you will be given access to an Initial Membership, and an email notifying you of this will advise you of a User Name and temporary Password. You should log in, edit your Profile to your satisfaction, and pay the subscription fee for the current membership period.

The fee is $150 for Ordinary Member and $75 for Associate Member. When we receive this fee, your User status will be upgraded to Current Member, giving you access to the Members-Only web pages and other benefits. Your membership will be current for the Membership period during which the Subscription was paid. (Usually 1st April to 31st March.)



Once payment is received, your status as a website user will be updated to being a Current User and you will have full access to the site. Your membership will be current for the Membership period during which the Subscription was paid. (Usually 1st April to 31st March.) You can expect email reminders to renew your subscription towards the end of the Membership period.


On the form, certain Privacy Options relate to how your details will appear in the Members’ Directory. This Directory is only visible online to current Members. You can choose whether your work and/or private contact details, your Preferred Email, or just your name will display. Your postal address will not be included in the Directory, and is only for Committee use in case your other contact details fail.